A downloadable game

This is my entry to #procjam 2017.

Do you like card games? Do you like RTS? Would you enjoy a strange hybrid of the two? Then this experiment in procedural mechanics is for you.

You are a witch who draws their power from the chaos of battle, and it is your goal to perpetuate such a battle by casting spells on it's hapless participants!


You gain a certain amount of mana each second equal to how chaotic the battlefield is. You can use this mana to cast spells (the cards) by clicking on them when you have enough.

Each spell will have a certain effect on the soldiers on the battlefield, as indicated by it's text.

You may also discard a card by holding LSHIFT and clicking on it.

Casting a card will increase the cost of later similar cards, while discarding it will decrease the cost of later similar cards.

If you run out of mana, and there is no more chaos on the battlefield, you've lost! Game over!

Press ESC to reset the game.


I hope you enjoy this simple prototype. It's very barebones, and is mainly for demonstrating how procedural card mechanics can be done. If you'd like to ask me how this all works, tweet at me @rachel_cabot.

Install instructions

Simply download, unzip and run the executables.


lin.zip 19 MB
mac.zip 17 MB
win.zip 14 MB